Community Liaison Officer

Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Lusaka, Lusaka

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Community Liaison Officer
Main purpose of job:

The CLO works closely with the One HMG Platform team to assist UK-based staff and families prior, during and after arrival with adjusting to life in Lusaka.

Roles and responsibilities

The CLO serves all UK-based officers (including Officers on temporary duty) to ensure a smooth integration into life in Lusaka.

The role requires someone who is proactive, approachable and friendly. The individual should have strong communication skills, including strong listening skills. They should also be willing to be adaptable and flexible to deal with changing circumstances and a diverse range of needs. Given the nature of the role, empathy and discretion are particularly important.

Key responsibilities are as follows:

  • To give advice to new staff and families regarding living in Lusaka; e.g. what to prepare and bring, education/local schools, car purchase, medical facilities etc.
  • Prior to new staff and families arrival (for those going straight to their accommodation), to ensure readiness, and that a basic set of supplies including float (and food supplies if requested) are available. Also extend this service to departing staff.
  • Building and maintaining key contacts in the schools, nurseries and health facilities, to ensure a high level of service for UKB Officers and their families
  • Information gathering for families, spouses/ partners and officers (including those not yet at Post) – primarily on spouse/ partner employment at Post; child and adult education (e.g. by completing the HR School/Nursery Information Sheets); care and training opportunities; single officer and foreign born spouse/ partner issues; recreational facilities; social matters.Support staff during familiarisation visit (tour main shopping and discuss with new arriving staff points of interest they’d like to visit)
  • To help staff and families with their familiarisation/tour/recee (where applicable) of local shops, schools, clubs, etc and introduce them to applicable local communities. Continuously maintain necessary support throughout their posting.
  • To assist families with any problems or queries of a welfare or administrative nature confidentially.
  • To produce a newsletter as required, a Post Welcome Pack, and assist with updating Post Report and Fact Sheet. Ensure timely delivery of these as required.
  • Check emergency contacts are up to date
  • To respond to all queries and administrative requests from DSFA and HR e.g. completing Annual Spouse and Partner Employment Report,HR school information sheet and distributing information(Carousel magazine) from DSFA.
  • Completing the twice yearly ECA Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) survey and assist the ECA Hardship survey as required.
  • Liaise with the FCO Healthline (Healix) as necessary regarding healthcare facilities at post, and with the Regional Medical Advisor to produce a Good Health Guide.
  • Sit on the Post Housing Committee, to support consistency and transparency in the allocation of properties.


Essential qualifications, skills and experience

  • Excellent communication and Interpersonal skills

  • Very organised

  • Very flexible

  • Good knowledge of Lusaka


Desirable qualifications, skills and experience

  • Experience in a similar role, e.g. Social Secretary, etc.

  • Holding a valid driving license


Required competencies

Managing a Quality Service, Delivering at Pace, Engaging Internationally, Demonstrating Resilience


Application deadline

Application deadline – day

Application deadline – month

Application deadline – year

30 November 2018


Min education
Primary school
Required experience
4 Years
Not defined
Not defined
Not defined



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