International Project Manager

Zenysis Technologies - Location: Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia, Lusaka

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International Project Manager

Zenysis builds software for nations to better leverage their data for good. Countries are using our platform to deliver lifesaving resources to millions in need, track the spread of infectious diseases, and oversee the distribution of vaccines to dramatically decrease death from preventable disease. Our mission is to use technology to positively impact the entire development curve of a country for the next century and beyond. As a global company, diversity of identity and experience is both a moral and business imperative.

We’re well funded, growing sustainably, and are run by founders with consistent track records of success.

International Project Manager (IPM)

With responsibilities ranging from client-relations, business development, data analysis, product strategy, and everything in between, you’ll have the opportunity to work with every team at Zenysis while building the skills to lead increasingly large parts of our long term operations and strategy in Zambia.

At Zenysis, roles aren’t defined by narrowly scoped duties. IPMs take full responsibility for the success of product deployments, including working with analysts and high-level decision makers, running analyses, scoping engineering projects, collaborating with engineering, and ensuring that all aspects of technical implementation run smoothly. In addition, IPMs help to lead and develop the business strategy for entire regions, working both internally and externally to craft expansion opportunities. Over time, IPMs will be responsible for building local teams that are capable of taking more and more responsibility for development and expansion on themselves. IPMs are based in or near the countries they serve.

As an IPM, you’ll ensure that our mission to empower nations and save lives is baked into the heart of every deployment.


  • Work closely with users on the ground to understand their needs with compassion, define technical requirements, and provide product support and trainings.
  • Manage and maintain relationships at all levels with our clients, from analysts to presidents.
  • Identify strategic initiatives and opportunities for expansion of our deployments
  • Lead collaboration and communication with the product team and engineers remotely to ensure successful product implementation and development
  • Identify the levers for impact, and run through as many prototypes, hypotheses and iterations as it takes to drive them forward
  • Take ideas from their inception all the way to live-features in the hands of our users
  • Establish a clear BD vision aligned with our technical capabilities and broader company values


Whether you’re thinking through business strategy, scoping out technical implementations, designing UI elements, or talking to clients, your process starts with empathy, then ends in a solution you understand well enough to communicate and test. In day-to-day operations you have the resilience to thrive in ambiguous environments, the clarity of communication to build order in chaos, and the self-understanding to know your blind spots and question assumptions.

More Specifically

  • You are, or are willing to be, based in Lusaka
  • 2+ years experience employing project management, product management, or data analysis skillsets
  • You’re not afraid of messy real-world data, and have strived to understand the underlying patterns with R, Excel, SQL, Python or similar tools.
  • You’ve worked on projects synthesizing hard analytical insight with holistic understanding of a complex problem space.
  • You have a genuine love of technology demonstrated through your academic background, hands-on experience, or adjacent work in design, business, operations, policy, product, or project management.
  • You thrive in ambiguity and aren’t afraid of not knowing – you understand how to take one step at a time to work through massively complex problems.
  • You enjoy working with clients and have a customer-centric attitude


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Required experience
4 Years
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